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Ronbow Goes GREEN!

Strawboard Cabinetry                          
Cabinetry that is as eco-friendly as it is strong and beautiful  

Strawboard is emerging as great alternative to traditional medium density particle board.
Unlike particleboard made of wood, strawboard is made of compressed straw from highly
renewable byproduct. Today, more homeowners than ever are improving their homes with
renewed bath areas. They know it is a great investment! And those who are exploring bath
renovation or additions are increasingly particular about their choices in style, materials
and price. A fast-growing trend is an environmental concern as customers choose their new cabinetry. Individuals are seeking eco-friendly products that still have the quality and look of fine furnishings.
Now, you can present one of the hottest new eco-products in the interior's industry:
Quality green cabinetry, priced affordably and manufactured by Ronbow.
Check out Ronbow’s handsome, economically priced green cabinetry made from highly renewable strawboard materials.
Strawboard has emerged over the past few years as a great alternative to wood materials, the basis and structure of most bath cabinetry. It is made of pressure and
heat compressed wheat or rice straw that contains a natural resin, which helps to bind the fibers together to form a superior internal bond. Due to the density and
strength of this material, Ronbow strawboard cabinetry displays refined profile edges and clean-edged slotting. It stands up admirably to affixing of hinges and
hardware, making it an ideally sturdy and water resistant product for bath cabinetry.
Why strawboard?
Strawboard is a great alternative for the eco-minded customer! In fact, anyone considering bath cabinet replacement should know about Strawboard’s great features:
        • Great strength: screws won’t split strawboard, and it holds crisp dove tails and other joints well
        • Extremely moisture resistant: just what’s needed for a continuously damp environment such as a bath  or a wet bar
        • Very stable: won’t warp or crack
        • Dense for clean, crisp definition of forms and edges
        • Safe: no formaldehyde emissions
        • Mold and termite resistance: Straw board is simply too dense to allow most spores to invade its surface
        • Developed from quickly renewed sources: Strawboard is made using left over straw from wheat, barley and rice which  means less waste. In fact, Strawboard
          actually has a NEGATIVE carbon footprint, since it’s not burned for disposal, as other straw is!

Commitment to green sustainability and improving the environment.
RONBOW continues to grow our commitment to green sustainability and improving the environment by becoming a proud corporate member of the Sustainable
Furnishings Council.
The Sustainable Furnishings Council is a non-profit coalition of industry leaders to promote sustainable practices among manufacturers, retailers, and consumers
alike. SFC members acknowledge the tremendous urgency, and take immediate steps to minimize carbon emissions, waste stream pollutants, un-recyclable
content and primary materials from unsustainable sources from any product platform under their control. SFC members lead the industry in developing awareness
of the best practices throughout their supply chains.
The Sustainable Furnishings Council goals are as follows:
        • To raise awareness of the sustainability issue
        • To assist companies in adopting good practices
        • To serve as an information clearing house
        • To create a symbol of assurance for consumers

Ronbow believes that sustainability has become a mandate among the buying public. As consumers become more educated, they seek out acceptable choices that
meet their needs for style, value, and eco-responsibility. RONBOW will continue to meet those needs.
For more information on The Sustainable Furnishings Council please visit www.sustainablefurnishings.org
Ronbow’s high quality furniture is made of renewable resources such as, natural wood with the smallest amount of processing possible. Our craftsmanship combined
with durable materials and wear-resistant parts allow people to enjoy Ronbow’s furniture for many years to come, and is often passed on to the next generation as a
valuable asset of the house!
We believe that it is our responsibility to manufacture top-notch furniture and to continuously look for ways to reduce and eventually eliminate the usage of
unfriendly materials, byproducts, and processes.