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strawboard vs MDF

• Negative Carbon Foot Print
• No formaldehyde emissions
• Superior moisture resistance
• Greater dimensional stability
• Better machining characteristics
• Increased screw and nail
    holding ability
• Higher strength
• Termite resistance
• Mold resistance
• High fire rating
green story

We emphasize our commitment to green sustainability and improving the environment through our membership with the Sustainable Furnishings Council. Our furniture is manufactured with the highest quality North American & European hardwoods from sustainable forests.

Ronbow’s “Green Collection” provides the benefits of wood, but with a negative carbon footprint. Made of durable, water resistant, eco-friendly Strawboard material, our product has no formaldehyde emissions and will not warp or crack. We have combined performance and environmental stewardship harmoniously.

Ronbow’s “Strawboard” is better for the environment and is beneficial to your project in several ways:

It is made of reclaimed wheat or rice straw that would otherwise be burned in the field and emitting air pollution and carbon. Strawboard contains a natural resin, which helps to bind the fibers together to form a superior internal bond. Due to the density and strength of this material, Ronbow Strawboard cabinetry displays refined profile edges and clean-edged slotting. It stands up admirably to the affixing of hinges and hardware making it an ideally sturdy and water resistant product for bath cabinetry. None of these attributes are met by MDF.
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