Award and Legacy

Award and Legacy

Designer Collections

Ronbow Designer Collections bring together premier artists and designers from around the world to showcase only the finest in creativity and passion. The result: our most diverse and luxurious collections of trendsetting bathroom products


Pininfarina, Italy

Pininfarina is a 360° design house of international repute and a symbol of Italian style in the world. Pininfarina has designed in the fields of transportation, electronics, sporting goods, furniture/home equipment, machinery, consumer products, graphic design and packaging, architecture and interiors. For over 85 years, Pininfarina has partnered with the most prestigious firms and brands, transferring the values of elegance, purity and innovation that have historically characterized the Pininfarina identity and unmistakable line, resulting in icons of timeless beauty.

Winner of Good Design in 2016

Ramon Esteve, Spain

Ramon Esteve founded his studio in 1991 as a place where architects and designers could work together to develop projects that reflect a sense of harmony, serenity and timelessness. He collaborates with prestigious brands and is a popular speaker at design conferences and lectures at Polytechnic University of Valencia School of Architecture. Ramon’s work has also been published in over 100 books and magazines.

Winner of Better Homes & Gardens in 2017

Phoenix Design, Germany

Since 1987, Phoenix Design has won over 700 prestigious awards and has been recognized for their revolutionary design achievements. Phoenix Design creates design interactions between the product and the user, between the brand and the consumer, and between designers and their clients.

Winner of Architectural Record in 2016